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Frequently Asked Questions

The Downliner has 2 membership options. Free and Paid. It goes without saying that the paid option is going to make life easier and reward you with bigger commissions however Free members still earn commission from their referrals. Shop points are awarded on promotion of the coop (1 point regardless of membership level) and they can also receive a recurring income from their active referrals. 10% for free members and 30% for paid members.
The Downliner was designed by Jay Carey over a period of 2 years to make the task of promoting and earning a living online so much easier. It allows anyone to just add their link with stats then receive traffic from many different sources including PTCs, Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Classified Ads, CPC traffic as well as social media.
In Traffic Exchanges and most traffic generation systems the anti-cheat elements in play are just not enough to prevent abuse. As a result you could be spending multiple credits in these systems on the same viewers which is fine as long as these viewers are not using autosurf bots to gain credits.

At this point the credits you are spending daily become worthless because your sites are not being shown to anyone. They are just being viewed repeatedly through automation.

The Downliner attempts to address this problem by placing a cookie on the viewers browser which is valid for 5 minutes. If the same visitor views the same users link before the expiry then it is classed as a repeat visit and not a unique so no co-op views are deducted from your account!

Put simply if the viewer is not unique then they view your site for free!

This is how The Downliner guarantees a member that they only use their views on unique visitors.
As we mentioned before in How do you guarantee Unique Vists the system contains an anti-cheat element. If you promote your link in any of the sites on the banned list below, instead of receiving 1 point you will lose 1 point.

If you find your point balance is in the negative then you were attempting to promote your coop link on either an Autoexchange or a site on the banned list.

As an example lets say you promote your link 100 times on an autoexchange and you started with zero points as a free member. You would then have -100 points and in order to get out of the negative you will need to promote 101 times on an approved exchange.

This keeps the system fair for all users.
Most members find the best way to start is by adding a banner to the system then adding their own social links. Once this is done you should add the sites you wish to promote. Once approved your site will be in rotation on the network.
If you've ever used a Revshare before you'll know the conversion on traffic only really applies if you promoting other Revshares. Any other sites you promote are usually ignored. For this reason The Downliner is not and never will be a Revshare. You earn real commissions from your efforts and your referrals purchases and these are paid on your request. You can promote any site you want with The Downliner and you'll enjoy the same conversion rates as if you were promoting the site yourself in exchanges, paid-to-clicks, cpc sites, text ad exchanges and banner ad exchanges.

The most advantageous part of The Downliner is that you don't need to go to many sites adding your link and purchasing traffic. You purchase traffic or promote your coop link and your site is seen everywhere!
You can promote anything you want providing it does not contain adult material (pornography or male organ enhancement sites for example). We also do not allow rotators on the cooperative as it leads to abuse with members adding unchecked links and can cause problems for the other members.

You can promote anything that has a link. Clickbank, JVZoo and others are fine providing they adhere to the coop environment. If you are unsure of this then just add the site and we'll let you know if it passes our approval process.

Examples of sites we do not accept are those with Exit Popups, Framebreakers, Popup and redirect advertising, Rotators and Malicious content.

An Exit Popup is basically a site that pops up with an alert that may say "Are you sure you want to leave?" or "Your changes may not be saved". These kinds of popups affect the flow of the cooperative in a surfing environment and in 2016 there really is no reason to use them other than to interrupt the viewers surf session. Do not confuse the exit popup with the in-page exit modal which does not affect the surfing process and is perfectly acceptable on our Cooperative.

If the popup prevents any interaction with the site other than to click Leave or Stay then that is considered to be an Exit popup whereas an Exit modal will popup and still allow you to navigate and click other links on the site as well as the surfing Captcha image.

A Framebreaker is a page that breaks out of its current constraints (in this case the top and bottom bar of the cooperative page). When this happens it not only affects the surfing session it also removes your ability to promote The Downliner within that page. In addition it prevents our members banners and text ads from appearing.

You have to ask yourself "How would I feel if I was surfing for a purpose then suddenly my session is interrupted by a site that breaks my surf window, leaving me unable to click a captcha to proceed?". Do you really think breaking a viewers experience is going to compel them to sign up to whatever it is you are offering?

A Popup-redirect is fairly self-explanatory. Basically it defines a site that redirects you (against your will andin some cases without even needing to interact with the page) to another site and in most cases the redirect is to something that tells you 'your computer may be infected' or some other paid advertising. This type of redirect can also be considered malicious and under no circumstances do we allow these sites on The Downliner Cooperative. For future reference if you ever see one of these sites outside The Downliner then just ignore it. Your computer is not infected and this is just an attempt to steal money from you in order to fix something that isn't broken!

Rotators are a constant annoyance all over the internet and when used incorrectly these can actually harm your promotion efforts because you wind up filling them with junk (possibly outdated programs) and wasting your credits promoting them. The Downliner gives free members 3 Campaign slots and paid members 10 which should be more than enough to promote anything. We limit the number to allow 'fair use' so that every active member on The Downliner is shown to our viewers. We explicity do not approve links because despite the TrckMe site being competent at tracking it also allows the ability to add multiple links to one single Trck.Me link meaning a tracker becomes a rotator. This, unfortunately is why we decline any tracking links that allow rotators.

We are trying to provide a safe, profitable working environment with the Cooperative and this is just not possible when there are links on the system we cannot approve/decline.
All of The Downliners traffic is viewed by real people so to protect this we ask that you DO NOT promote your Coop link on any Autoexchange (sites that jump from page to page with no pre-load captcha).

We monitor our incoming traffic continuously and if you are found to be promoting your link on these sites you will receive a penalty in the form of deduction of points for the first and second violation. The third violation will cause us to ban your account from our system.

There really is no excuse for promoting on Autoexchanges and they do not provide any real benefit to our users as well as harming their sites alexa rating. The only reason would be an attempt to earn points through harmful traffic and this is something we take seriously.

We want all our members to be assured their sites are receiving real, human interaction.

Sites that abuse the use of IFRAMEs are blocked from displaying the cooperative as these sites are only designed to earn points for the member promoting them and don't actually show our members sites. This is because 99% of the time the IFRAMES are too small to show any type of webpage.

If you are found to be promoting from these types of sites you will receive a warning and the offending site will be blocked from showing the Cooperative.

Again this measure is in place to protect our members from receiving useless traffic.
There are times when you want to show one campaign more than the others so to avoid the process of deleting a Campaign and waiting for it to be approved again when you re-add it you have the option to pause any Campaign.
Free members are permitted 3 active sites in rotation and paid members can add 10. This is to ensure the flow of traffic remains consistent to all members and not the same members who add many sites.

Your site view statistics are shown next to your site name in the builder so you can see how many hits you have received since it was added.

In addition to the initial statistics you can also see extended details on every view to your site including the IP Address of the viewer, the Country of Origin and Date/Time of visit.
You can request a withdrawal providing you reach the minimum threshold of $20.00. Once you reach the minimum a withdrawal button will appear on your account page. Simply click to withdraw and we will be notified. You can specify which account you want to be paid to in your My Account section (we currently pay out via Paypal, Uphold, STP, Payeer or Bitcoin)
Whilst no-one can guarantee signups or referrals as a result of traffic we can guarantee that your site is only shown to real viewers with absolutely no bot traffic. This fact alone should increase your chances of a successful conversion however it is all dependant on the product you are promoting.
When you register as a free member you are paid 10% commissions on your referrals upgrade payments as well as any traffic that is purchased. If you are an upgraded member then you will receive 30%. The upgrade commission is recurring meaning as long as your referral remains upgraded you will receive a monthly commission.
You always have the option to upgrade your account and we only offer 1 paid option (except for the One-Time offer). Free members receive 10% commission and Paid members receive 30%.

The cost to upgrade is $9.99 per calendar month which works out as costing much less than you would pay for a months membership at any leading Traffic Exchange or Safelist.

Included with this price is 6,800 shop points equivalent to 5,400 Cooperative Views or two 30 day banner or text ads and is given each month you remain active.
As traffic packages are sold on a 'digital product' basis refunds are not accepted and all sales are final.
If you go to the Account page you should see the option to delete your account. When you click this button your account is completely removed from the system and you are logged out to return to the homepage.

* This process is irreversible so make sure you want to remove your account before you click it as it will remove all your banners, text ads, messages, referrals, commissions, points, views and sites from The Downliner.
Social Posts are a feature unique to The Downliner where you can post an ad on a number of Social Networks without even using your own Social accounts! This is particularly useful because if you have ever used autoposters before you will know there is always a high risk of having your Social accounts banned or blocked from posting when using them.

The Downliner does things differently and allows you to post your ad on our site which we then take and post to several Social Networks including Twitter and Facebook Groups and accounts with high follow counts. The whole thing is automated using a custom built system so there is nothing you need to do after submitting your Social Post to us!